A warm welcome to TreeSpirit carvings

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy my carvings of Tree Spirits and the Greenman.

Stories and legends of the Greenman  have continued to reappear throughout the ages
across many cultures and today there is the resurgence of interest through ‘green’ living. Although the awareness of the spirit of  'green jack' is seen in a diferent light today it is true that without the green world we would not survive.. So If you are looking to connect to nature in your home, garden or as a gift then maybe one of my Tree Spirits will 'talk to you'.


The carvings for sale page is being continually updated with photographs and information
so please visit often to see who has come along from the wilderness!


I hope browsing the gallery of  sold carvings photographs will make you smile and lift your spirits.
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Tree Spirit Carvings: tree spirits and green man hand carved ornaments, art and pictures in Milton Keynes.